International Desks

We are a law firm open to the world and we work in up to twelve languages, an added value and characteristic of the firm  that allows us to work not only in the language of our clients but also allows us to know the different business cultures.

Since 70% of our customers are foreign, we have 4 Desks specialized in the German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese markets.

Chinese Desk

We have promoted the Chinese desk in order to be able to properly manage the needs of Chinese companies and investments in our market. Our Chinese desk is led by José Antonio Rodríguez with the support of our Chinese counsel.

Portuguese Desk

One of the most positive economic phenomena of recent times has been the configuration of a growing Iberian market, in which relations between Spanish and Portuguese companies have developed exponentially. The Portuguese-speaking clients of Marimón Abogados occupy a prominent place in this development.

Italian Desk

Marimón Abogados maintains a close relationship with Italy, favored by the growing development of commercial relations between Italy and Spain, and by the cultural proximity between both countries.

German Desk

Marimón Abogados specializes in business initiatives with an international vocation, and since its creation it has been a reference law firm for German businessmen established in Spain.

French Desk

Since the creation of the firm, assistance to French clients has been part of the daily work, being Marimón Abogados one of the first Spanish firms to offer first class legal advice to French companies with investments and interests in Spain.